Guns don’t kill people

Guns don’t kill people. Or at least they don’t kill people all the time. Or not all guns kill people. At least not all people. Not all the time anyway. I’m pretty sure I’ve heard about one time when a gun didn’t kill anyone. Or at least not everyone.
Some guns kill animals though. But are they people? I guess not all animals are people anyway. I mean, some people aren’t even people, right? They’re probably animals then. The ones guns mostly kill, I mean. But most of the time I think they just maim or severely wound them. Well, sometimes they might mortally wound people. But then it’s the wounds that kill the people, right?
Because guns sure don’t.

Guns don’t kill people!
(But wounds might.)
(and very small rocks)
(and churches)
(and cider)

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One thought on “Guns don’t kill people

  1. line skriver:

    Helt brutalt bra!


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